Library Interval.Missing.Flocq

This file is part of the Coq.Interval library for proving bounds of real-valued expressions in Coq:
Copyright (C) 2023-2023, Inria
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From Coq Require Import ZArith SpecFloat.
From Flocq Require Import BinarySingleNaN.

Definition SF2B' {prec emax} (x : spec_float) : binary_float prec emax :=
  match x with
  | S754_zero sB754_zero s
  | S754_infinity sB754_infinity s
  | S754_nanB754_nan
  | S754_finite s m e
    match bounded prec emax m e as b return bounded prec emax m e = b _ with
    | trueB754_finite s m e
    | falsefun HB754_nan
    end eq_refl

Lemma SF2B'_B2SF :
   {prec emax} (x : binary_float prec emax), SF2B' (B2SF x) = x.