Library Interval.Real.Taylor

This file is part of the CoqApprox formalization of rigorous polynomial approximation in Coq:
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From Coq Require Import Reals Psatz.
From Coquelicot Require Import Coquelicot.

Require Import Stdlib.

Local Open Scope R_scope.

Lemma Rolle_lim (f : R R) (a b : R) (h : R R) :
  ( x : R, a < x < b b < x < a derivable_pt_lim f x (h x))
  ( x : R, a x b b x a continuity_pt f x)
  a b
  f a = f b
   c : R, (a < c < b b < c < a) derivable_pt_lim f c 0.

Section TaylorLagrange.

Variables a b : R.
Variable n : nat.

Notation Cab x := (a x b) (only parsing).
Notation Oab x := (a < x < b) (only parsing).

Variable D : nat R R.

Notation Tcoeff n x0 := (D n x0 / (INR (fact n))) (only parsing).

Notation Tterm n x0 x := (Tcoeff n x0 × (x - x0)^n) (only parsing).

Notation Tsum n x0 x := (sum_f_R0 (fun iTterm i x0 x) n) (only parsing).

Lemma continuity_pt_sum (f : nat R R) (x : R) :
  ( k, (k n)%nat continuity_pt (f k) x)
  (fun y ⇒ (sum_f_R0 (fun nf n y) n)) x.

Lemma derivable_pt_lim_sum (f : nat R R) (x : R) (lf : nat R) :
  ( i, (i n)%nat derivable_pt_lim (f i) x (lf i))
  (fun y ⇒ (sum_f_R0 (fun nf n y) n)) x
  (sum_f_R0 lf n).

Section TL.

Hypothesis derivable_pt_lim_Dp :
   k x, (k n)%nat Oab x
  derivable_pt_lim (D k) x (D (S k) x).

Hypothesis continuity_pt_Dp :
   k x, (k n)%nat Cab x
  continuity_pt (D k) x.

Variables x0 x : R.

Define c : R so that the function g : R R below satisfies g(x0)=0.
Let c := (D 0 x - Tsum n x0 x) / (x - x0)^(S n).
Let g := fun yD 0 x - Tsum n y x - c × (x - y)^(S n).

Hypotheses (Hx0 : Cab x0) (Hx : Cab x).

Lemma derivable_pt_lim_aux (y : R) :
  Oab y
  derivable_pt_lim g y (- ((D (S n) y) / (INR (fact n)) × (x - y)^n)
                        + c × (INR (S n)) × (x - y)^n).

Theorem Taylor_Lagrange :
   xi : R,
  D 0 x - Tsum n x0 x =
  Tcoeff (S n) xi × (x - x0)^(S n)
   (x0 x x0 < xi < x x < xi < x0).

End TL.

Section CorTL.

Hypothesis derivable_pt_lim_Dp :
   k x, (k n)%nat Cab x
  derivable_pt_lim (D k) x (D (S k) x).

Theorem Cor_Taylor_Lagrange (x0 x : R) :
  Cab x0 Cab x
  D 0 x - Tsum n x0 x =
  Tcoeff (S n) c × (x - x0)^(S n)
   (x0 x x0 < c < x x < c < x0).

End CorTL.

End TaylorLagrange.