Library Interval.Integral.Priority

This file is part of the Coq.Interval library for proving bounds of real-valued expressions in Coq:
Copyright (C) 2007-2019, Inria
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From Coq Require Import List Arith ZArith Psatz.
From mathcomp.ssreflect Require Import ssrfun ssrbool fintype.

Section Permut.

Context {T : Type}.

Fixpoint onth n (l : list T) :=
  match l, n with
  | nil, _None
  | v :: _, OSome v
  | _ :: l, S nonth n l

Lemma onth_nth :
   n p d,
  n < length p
  onth n p = Some (nth n p d).

Lemma onth_rev :
   n p,
  n < length p
  onth n (rev p) = onth (length p - S n) p.

Lemma onth_app_l :
   n p q,
  n < length p
  onth n (p ++ q) = onth n p.

Lemma onth_app_r :
   n p q,
  length p n
  onth n (p ++ q) = onth (n - length p) q.

Lemma onth_insert :
   n v p,
  onth n p = Some v
   q r, p = q ++ v :: r.

Fixpoint all P (l : list T) :=
  match l with
  | nilTrue
  | h :: tP h all P t

Inductive permut (p q : list T) : Prop :=
  | Permut (Hl : length p = length q)
     (f : ordinal (length p) ordinal (length p))
     (Hf : injective f)
     (Hpq : n : ordinal _, onth n p = onth (f n) q).

Lemma permut_refl :
   p, permut p p.

Lemma permut_sym :
   p q, permut p q permut q p.

Lemma permut_trans :
   q p r,
  permut p q permut q r permut p r.

Lemma permut_rev :
   p, permut (rev p) p.

Lemma injective_split :
   n n1 n2 n3 n4 (H1 : n = n1 + n2) (H2 : n3 + n4 = n) f,
  injective f
  injective (fun k : ordinal ncast_ord H2 (unsplit (f (split (cast_ord H1 k))))).

Lemma permut_app_l :
   p q r,
  permut q r
  permut (p ++ q) (p ++ r).

Lemma permut_app :
   p q,
  permut (p ++ q) (q ++ p).

Lemma permut_app_r :
   p q r,
  permut p r
  permut (p ++ q) (r ++ q).

Lemma permut_cons :
   h p q,
  permut p q
  permut (h :: p) (h :: q).

Lemma permut_cons_rev :
   h p q,
  permut (h :: p) (h :: q)
  permut p q.

Lemma permut_insert :
   v p q,
  permut (v :: p ++ q) (p ++ v :: q).

Lemma permut_remove :
   v p q,
  permut (v :: p) q
   s, t,
  q = s ++ v :: t permut p (s ++ t).

Lemma all_permut :
   P p q,
  all P p
  permut p q
  all P q.

Lemma fold_right_permut :
   {A} f (acc : A) p q,
  ( u v w, f u (f v w) = f v (f u w))
  permut p q
  fold_right f acc p = fold_right f acc q.

Lemma fold_left_permut :
   {A} f (acc : A) p q,
  ( u v w, f (f u v) w = f (f u w) v)
  permut p q
  fold_left f p acc = fold_left f q acc.

End Permut.

Section Pairing.

Context {T : Type}.

Inductive ptree := PTsome (v : T) (l : list ptree).
Inductive pheap := PHnone | PHsome (t : ptree).

Theorem ptree_ind' :
   P : ptree Prop,
  ( v l, Forall P l P (PTsome v l))
   t, P t.

Fixpoint ptree_to_list (p : ptree) : list T :=
  match p with
  | PTsome v lv :: flat_map ptree_to_list l

Fixpoint pheap_to_list (p : pheap) : list T :=
  match p with
  | PHnonenil
  | PHsome pptree_to_list p

Variable le : T T bool.

Definition ptree_meld (p1 p2 : ptree) : ptree :=
  match p1, p2 with
  | PTsome v1 l1, PTsome v2 l2
    if le v1 v2 then PTsome v1 (p2 :: l1)
    else PTsome v2 (p1 :: l2)

Theorem ptree_meld_correct :
   p1 p2,
  permut (ptree_to_list (ptree_meld p1 p2)) (ptree_to_list p1 ++ ptree_to_list p2).

Definition ptree_insert (p : ptree) (v : T) :=
  ptree_meld p (PTsome v nil).

Theorem ptree_insert_correct :
   p v,
  permut (ptree_to_list (ptree_insert p v)) (v :: ptree_to_list p).

Definition pheap_insert (p : pheap) (v : T) : ptree :=
  match p with
  | PHnonePTsome v nil
  | PHsome pptree_insert p v

Theorem pheap_insert_correct :
   p v,
  permut (ptree_to_list (pheap_insert p v)) (v :: pheap_to_list p).

Fixpoint ptree_merge_pairs (p1 : ptree) (l : list ptree) : ptree :=
  match l with
  | nilp1
  | p2 :: nilptree_meld p1 p2
  | p2 :: p3 :: l'ptree_meld (ptree_meld p1 p2) (ptree_merge_pairs p3 l')

Lemma list_ind2 :
   A (P : list A Prop),
  P nil
  ( v, P (v :: nil))
  ( v w l, P l P (v :: w :: l))
   l, P l.

Theorem ptree_merge_pairs_correct :
   p l,
  permut (ptree_to_list (ptree_merge_pairs p l)) (ptree_to_list p ++ flat_map ptree_to_list l).

Definition ptree_pop (p : ptree) : T × pheap :=
  match p with
  | PTsome v l(v,
    match l with
    | nilPHnone
    | lh :: ltPHsome (ptree_merge_pairs lh lt)

Theorem ptree_pop_correct :
  match ptree_pop p with
  | (v, q)permut (v :: pheap_to_list q) (ptree_to_list p)

Fixpoint ptree_fold {A} (f : A T A) (p : ptree) (acc : A) : A :=
  match p with
  | PTsome v lfold_left (fun acc qptree_fold f q acc) l (f acc v)

Theorem ptree_fold_correct :
   A (f : A T A) acc p,
  ptree_fold f p acc = fold_left f (ptree_to_list p) acc.

End Pairing.

Arguments ptree : clear implicits.
Arguments pheap : clear implicits.