Library Interval.Float.Specific_stdz

This file is part of the Coq.Interval library for proving bounds of real-valued expressions in Coq:
Copyright (C) 2007-2016, Inria
This library is governed by the CeCILL-C license under French law and abiding by the rules of distribution of free software. You can use, modify and/or redistribute the library under the terms of the CeCILL-C license as circulated by CEA, CNRS and Inria at the following URL:
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From Coq Require Import ZArith Reals Psatz Bool.
From Flocq Require Import Zaux Raux.

Require Import Basic.
Require Import Generic.
Require Import Generic_proof.
Require Import Specific_sig.

Module StdZRadix2 <: FloatCarrier.

Definition radix := radix2.
Definition radix_correct := refl_equal Lt.
Definition smantissa_type := Z.
Definition mantissa_type := positive.
Definition exponent_type := Z.

Definition MtoP := fun (m : positive) ⇒ m.
Definition PtoM := fun (m : positive) ⇒ m.
Definition MtoZ := fun (m : Z) ⇒ m.
Definition ZtoM := fun (m : Z) ⇒ m.
Definition EtoZ := fun (e : Z) ⇒ e.
Definition ZtoE := fun (e : Z) ⇒ e.

Definition exponent_zero := Z0.
Definition exponent_one := Zpos xH.
Definition exponent_neg := Z.opp.
Definition exponent_add := Zplus.
Definition exponent_sub := Zminus.
Definition exponent_cmp :=
Definition mantissa_zero := Z0.
Definition mantissa_one := xH.
Definition mantissa_add := Pplus.
Definition mantissa_sub := Pminus.
Definition mantissa_mul := Pmult.
Definition mantissa_cmp x y := Pcompare x y Eq.
Definition mantissa_pos := Zpos.
Definition mantissa_neg := Zneg.

Definition valid_mantissa := fun (m : positive) ⇒ True.

Definition mantissa_sign m :=
  match m with
  | Zneg pMnumber true p
  | Z0Mzero
  | Zpos pMnumber false p

Definition mantissa_even m :=
  match m with
  | xO _true
  | _false

Definition mantissa_shl m d :=
  match d with Zpos nbiter_pos (fun xxO x) nb m | _xH end.

Definition mantissa_scale2 (m : mantissa_type) (d : exponent_type) := (m, d).

Fixpoint digits_aux m nb { struct m } :=
  match m with
  | xHnb
  | xO pdigits_aux p (Pos.succ nb)
  | xI pdigits_aux p (Pos.succ nb)

Definition mantissa_digits m := Zpos (digits_aux m xH).

Definition mantissa_split_div m d pos :=
  match Zfast_div_eucl (Zpos m) (Zpos d) with
  | (Zpos q, r)(q, adjust_pos r d pos)
  | _(xH, pos_Eq)

Definition mantissa_shr_aux v :=
  match v with
  | (xO p, pos_Eq)(p, pos_Eq)
  | (xO p, _)(p, pos_Lo)
  | (xI p, pos_Eq)(p, pos_Mi)
  | (xI p, _)(p, pos_Up)
  | _(xH, pos_Eq)

Definition mantissa_shr m d pos :=
  match d with
  | Zpos nb
    iter_pos mantissa_shr_aux nb (m, pos)
  | _(xH, pos_Eq)

Fixpoint mantissa_shrp_aux m d :=
  match m with
  | xO m1
      if (d =? 1)%positive then pos_Up else mantissa_shrp_aux m1 (Pos.pred d)
  | xI m1pos_Up
  | xH
      if (d =? 1)%positive then pos_Mi else pos_Up

Lemma mantissa_shrp_aux_correct m d :
   mantissa_shrp_aux m (Pos.succ d) =
   match (m ?= shift radix 1 d)%positive with
        | Eqpos_Mi
        | _pos_Up

Definition mantissa_shrp m d pos :=
  match pos with
  | pos_Eqmantissa_shrp_aux m (Z.to_pos d)
  | _pos_Up

Definition mantissa_div := fun m dmantissa_split_div m d pos_Eq.

Definition exponent_div2_floor n :=
  match n with
  | Z0(Z0, false)
  | Zpos xH(Z0, true)
  | Zneg xH(Zneg xH, true)
  | Zpos (xO p) ⇒ (Zpos p, false)
  | Zneg (xO p) ⇒ (Zneg p, false)
  | Zpos (xI p) ⇒ (Zpos p, true)
  | Zneg (xI p) ⇒ (Zneg (Pos.succ p), true)

Definition mantissa_sqrt m :=
  match Z.sqrtrem (Zpos m) with
  | (Zpos s, r)
    let pos :=
      match r with
      | Z0pos_Eq
      | Zpos r
        match r s with
        | Gtpos_Up
        | _pos_Lo
      | Zneg _pos_Eq
      end in
    (s, pos)
  | _(xH, pos_Eq)

Definition PtoM_correct := fun x : positiverefl_equal x.
Definition ZtoM_correct := fun x : Zrefl_equal x.
Definition ZtoE_correct := fun x : Zrefl_equal x.

Definition exponent_zero_correct := refl_equal Z0.
Definition exponent_one_correct := refl_equal 1%Z.
Definition exponent_neg_correct := fun xrefl_equal (- EtoZ x)%Z.
Definition exponent_add_correct := fun x yrefl_equal (EtoZ x + EtoZ y)%Z.
Definition exponent_sub_correct := fun x yrefl_equal (EtoZ x - EtoZ y)%Z.
Definition exponent_cmp_correct := fun x yrefl_equal (EtoZ x ?= EtoZ y)%Z.

Lemma exponent_div2_floor_correct :
   e, let (e',b) := exponent_div2_floor e in
  EtoZ e = (2 × EtoZ e' + if b then 1 else 0)%Z.

Definition mantissa_zero_correct := refl_equal Z0.
Definition mantissa_pos_correct :=
  fun (x : positive) (_ : True) ⇒ refl_equal (Zpos x).
Definition mantissa_neg_correct :=
  fun (x : positive) (_ : True) ⇒ refl_equal (Zneg x).
Definition mantissa_one_correct := conj (refl_equal xH) I.
Definition mantissa_add_correct :=
  fun x y (_ _ : True) ⇒ conj (refl_equal (MtoP x + MtoP y)%positive) I.
Definition mantissa_sub_correct :=
  fun x y (_ _ : True) (_ : (MtoP y < MtoP x)%positive) ⇒ conj (refl_equal (MtoP x - MtoP y)%positive) I.
Definition mantissa_mul_correct :=
  fun x y (Hx Hy : True) ⇒ conj (refl_equal (MtoP x × MtoP y)%positive) I.
Definition mantissa_cmp_correct :=
  fun x y (Hx Hy : True) ⇒ refl_equal (Zpos (MtoP x) ?= Zpos (MtoP y))%Z.
Definition mantissa_even_correct :=
  fun x (_ : True) ⇒ refl_equal (Z.even (Zpos x)).

Lemma mantissa_sign_correct :
  match mantissa_sign x with
  | MzeroMtoZ x = Z0
  | Mnumber s pMtoZ x = (if s then Zneg else Zpos) (MtoP p) valid_mantissa p

Lemma mantissa_digits_correct :
   x, valid_mantissa x
  EtoZ (mantissa_digits x) = Zpos (count_digits radix (MtoP x)).

Lemma mantissa_scale2_correct :
   x d, valid_mantissa x
  let (x',d') := mantissa_scale2 x d in
  (IZR (Zpos (MtoP x')) × bpow radix (EtoZ d') = IZR (Zpos (MtoP x)) × bpow radix2 (EtoZ d))%R
  valid_mantissa x'.

Lemma mantissa_shl_correct :
   x y z, valid_mantissa y
  z = Zpos x
  MtoP (mantissa_shl y z) = shift radix (MtoP y) x
  valid_mantissa (mantissa_shl y z).

Lemma mantissa_shr_correct :
   x y z k, valid_mantissa y EtoZ z = Zpos x
  (Zpos (shift radix 1 x) Zpos (MtoP y))%Z
  let (sq,l) := mantissa_shr y z k in
  let (q,r) := Z.div_eucl (Zpos (MtoP y)) (Zpos (shift radix 1 x)) in
  Zpos (MtoP sq) = q
  l = adjust_pos r (shift radix 1 x) k
  valid_mantissa sq.

Lemma mantissa_shrp_correct :
   x y z k, valid_mantissa y EtoZ z = Zpos x
  (Zpower radix (Zpos x - 1) Zpos (MtoP y) < Zpos (shift radix 1 x))%Z
  let l := mantissa_shrp y z k in
  l = adjust_pos (Zpos (MtoP y)) (shift radix 1 x) k.

Lemma mantissa_div_correct :
   x y, valid_mantissa x valid_mantissa y
  (Zpos (MtoP y) Zpos (MtoP x))%Z
  let (q,l) := mantissa_div x y in
  Zpos (MtoP q) = (Zpos (MtoP x) / Zpos (MtoP y))%Z
  Bracket.inbetween_int (Zpos (MtoP q)) (IZR (Zpos (MtoP x)) / IZR (Zpos (MtoP y)))%R (convert_location_inv l)
  valid_mantissa q.

Lemma mantissa_sqrt_correct :
   x, valid_mantissa x
  let (q,l) := mantissa_sqrt x in
  let (s,r) := Z.sqrtrem (Zpos (MtoP x)) in
  Zpos (MtoP q) = s
  match l with pos_Eqr = Z0 | pos_Lo ⇒ (0 < r s)%Z | pos_MiFalse | pos_Up ⇒ (s < r)%Z end
  valid_mantissa q.

End StdZRadix2.