Library Interval.Float.Basic

This file is part of the Coq.Interval library for proving bounds of real-valued expressions in Coq:
Copyright (C) 2007-2016, Inria
This library is governed by the CeCILL-C license under French law and abiding by the rules of distribution of free software. You can use, modify and/or redistribute the library under the terms of the CeCILL-C license as circulated by CEA, CNRS and Inria at the following URL:
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From Coq Require Import Reals ZArith Psatz.
From Flocq Require Import Core.

Require Import Xreal.

Variant rounding_mode : Set :=
  rnd_UP | rnd_DN | rnd_ZR | rnd_NE.

Definition Rnearbyint mode r :=
  match mode with
  | rnd_UPIZR (Zceil r)
  | rnd_DNIZR (Zfloor r)
  | rnd_ZRIZR (Ztrunc r)
  | rnd_NEIZR (ZnearestE r)

Notation Xnearbyint := (fun modeXlift (Rnearbyint mode)).

Lemma Rnearbyint_le :
   mode x y,
  (x y)%R
  (Rnearbyint mode x Rnearbyint mode y)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error_DN x :
  (-1 Rnearbyint rnd_DN x - x 0)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error_UP x :
  (0 Rnearbyint rnd_UP x - x 1)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error_ZR_neg x :
  (x 0
   0 Rnearbyint rnd_ZR x - x 1)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error_ZR_pos x :
  (0 x
   -1 Rnearbyint rnd_ZR x - x 0)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error_ZR x :
  (-1 Rnearbyint rnd_ZR x - x 1)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error_NE x :
  (- (1/2) Rnearbyint rnd_NE x - x 1/2)%R.

Lemma Rnearbyint_error m x :
  (-1 Rnearbyint m x - x 1)%R.

Notation radix2 := Zaux.radix2 (only parsing).

Section Definitions.

Variable beta : radix.

Fixpoint count_digits_aux nb pow (p q : positive) { struct q } : positive :=
  if Zlt_bool (Zpos p) pow then nb
    match q with
    | xHnb
    | xI rcount_digits_aux (Pos.succ nb) (Zmult beta pow) p r
    | xO rcount_digits_aux (Pos.succ nb) (Zmult beta pow) p r

Definition count_digits n :=
  count_digits_aux 1 beta n n.

Definition FtoR (s : bool) m e :=
  let sm := if s then Zneg m else Zpos m in
  match e with
  | Zpos pIZR (sm × Zpower_pos beta p)
  | Z0IZR sm
  | Zneg p ⇒ (IZR sm / IZR (Zpower_pos beta p))%R

End Definitions.

Definition rnd_of_mode mode :=
  match mode with
  | rnd_UPrndUP
  | rnd_DNrndDN
  | rnd_ZRrndZR
  | rnd_NErndNE

Definition error_fix mode emin x :=
  (round radix2 (FIX_exp emin) (rnd_of_mode mode) x - x)%R.

Definition Xerror_fix mode emin := Xlift (error_fix mode emin).

Definition round_fix mode emin :=
  round radix2 (FIX_exp emin) (rnd_of_mode mode).

Definition Xround_fix mode emin := Xlift (round_fix mode emin).

Definition error_flt mode emin prec x :=
  (round radix2 (FLT_exp emin (Zpos prec)) (rnd_of_mode mode) x - x)%R.

Definition Xerror_flt mode emin prec := Xlift (error_flt mode emin prec).

Definition round_flt mode emin prec :=
  round radix2 (FLT_exp emin (Zpos prec)) (rnd_of_mode mode).

Definition Xround_flt mode emin prec := Xlift (round_flt mode emin prec).

Definition round beta mode prec :=
  round beta (FLX_exp (Zpos prec)) (rnd_of_mode mode).

Definition Xround beta mode prec := Xlift (round beta mode prec).

Inductive float (beta : radix) : Set :=
  | Fnan : float beta
  | Fzero : float beta
  | Float : bool positive Z float beta.

Arguments Fnan {beta}.
Arguments Fzero {beta}.
Arguments Float {beta} _ _ _.

Definition FtoX {beta} (f : float beta) :=
  match f with
  | FzeroXreal 0
  | FnanXnan
  | Float s m eXreal (FtoR beta s m e)

Lemma zpos_gt_0 : prec, Prec_gt_0 (Zpos prec).

Lemma valid_rnd_of_mode : mode, Valid_rnd (rnd_of_mode mode).

Lemma FtoR_split :
   beta s m e,
  FtoR beta s m e = F2R (Defs.Float beta (cond_Zopp s (Zpos m)) e).

Lemma is_zero_correct_float :
   beta s m e,
  is_zero (FtoR beta s m e) = false.

Definition le_upper x y :=
  match y with
  | XnanTrue
  | Xreal yr
    match x with
    | XnanFalse
    | Xreal xrRle xr yr

Definition le_lower x y :=
  le_upper (Xneg y) (Xneg x).

Lemma le_upper_refl : x, le_upper x x.

Lemma le_lower_refl : x, le_upper x x.

Lemma le_upper_trans :
   x y z,
  le_upper x y le_upper y z le_upper x z.

Lemma le_lower_trans :
   x y z,
  le_lower x y le_lower y z le_lower x z.